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arts abled

ArtsAbled is back for its Third Season!

ArtsAbled, an arts leadership portal open to any Humber student currently enrolled in the School of Creative and Performing Arts (SCAPA), is back for a third season.

Created by SCAPA faculty member Dr. Andrew Scott, this cross-disciplinary arts empowerment initiative meets once a month to learn, discuss and share business/professional and leadership ideas. ArtsAbled aims to empower SCAPA students to realize their arts leadership potential, offering career development training opportunities as well as teaching students how to lay the appropriate ground work required for a successful career in the arts.

Portal topics will be broad enough in scope to be useful to students both now and in their future transition into professional industry. Subject matter experts and arts industry professionals will be brought in once a month to inspire, educate and inform SCAPA students on a wide variety of business/professional/leadership topics. Further, specific skill training for the ever-changing challenges that define a career in the arts will be offered.

By bringing together industry professionals and students from multiple disciplines within the arts for an opportunity to network, train, spread ideas and become inspired through lectures, seminars, concerts, presentations, readings and workshops, ArtsAbled has the potential to forge important ties between Humber and professional industry and to solidify a vanguard position for Humber as a premier destination for leadership training and professional research.

ArtsAbled meetings will also function as SCAPA-wide networking hubs, providing a collegial academic and professional environment in which multi-disciplinary business relationships, activities and opportunities can be forged in a welcoming and positive Humber space.

In compliment to the ArtsAbled course, Andrew hosts a weekly show on Humber Radio (96.9 FM) Friday nights at 10:00 PM (with a rebroadcast on Sunday's at 10:00 AM) that acts as a Humber Arts Advocacy program, acknowledging and drawing attention to the rich culture of arts achievement occurring at SCAPA among current students, faculty and administrators.

The show will feature SCAPA related news, current events and interviews, and will highlight examples of the extraordinary work taking place at Humber’s Lakeshore campus. Every episode of the ArtsAbled radio show will feature a business/leadership segment that interfaces with ideas raised in the ArtsAbled course. Episodes can be heard live on the web at Humber Radio.