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Success Stories

Marc Senior

Marc Senior: Demanding Discipline

Success as an actor requires more than talent alone. It requires a sincere commitment to ongoing development and the will to work every day. This work ethic is paying off for Marc Senior.

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couple watching tv

Ten Good Things to Stream When the Weather is Bad

And they all just happen to feature Humber grads

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Yolanda Bonnell by Ty J. Sloane. 

Yolanda Bonnell: Telling Stories

Performer, director, writer, theatre company founder, workshop facilitator -- Yolanda Bonnell juggles many roles, often simultaneously. But woven through each is her deep commitment to storytelling, and to empowering others to share stories of their own.

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Karin Randoja 

Karin Randoja: Theatre for Theatre’s Sake

Karin Randoja has many talents. The Theatre Arts – Performance instructor is an actor, director, singer, composer, and one of Canada’s most sought-after dramaturges.

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Yvonne Wallace Theatre Artist  

Yvonne Wallace: Writing with Honesty

Some subjects are so traumatic or personal that it is difficult to address them through art. But for Yvonne Wallace, a 2001 Theatre Arts – Performance graduate, writing her truth has been easier than one might expect.

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Colin Bruce Anthes 

Peter N. Bailey: Dedication and Diversion

Forging a successful career in theatre requires a high level of commitment to craft, but that doesn’t mean the work can’t be a joy.

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Carlos Albornoz Headshot

Carlos Albornoz: On Stage and Screen

Carlos Albornoz shows, good acting training is transferable – especially when it’s supported by lots of talent and hard work!

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Colin Bruce Anthes 

Colin Bruce Anthes: In It Together

Colin Bruce Anthes’ path from Humber has led him to theatre and film work and multiple cities.

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Sina Gilani

Sina Gilani: Creation and Collaboration

Since graduating in 2012, Sina Gilani has been making a name for himself as both an actor and a playwright.

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