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A Day in the Life Of... Michael Kras

Hi, I'm Michael Kras and I'm in my third and final year in Humber’s Theatre Performance program.

Humber is one of those rare training conservatories that isn’t interested in turning you in to any one thing. We are trained in a broad range of disciplines by some of the best teachers and coaches around, so we’re given all we need to pick and choose what works for us and what makes us unique, versatile theatre-makers with an emphasis on who we are as individuals.

Humber also teaches the powerful value of collaboration. Since much of the work we do is devised and created collectively, we’ve been able to explore territory that is bigger than any one of us singularly.

I’m an actor, playwright, and director, and I’ll be leaving Humber with new and exciting skills in all three of those areas. I’ll be ready to make work that’s going to make a difference.

See more pictures on our Instagram page /humber_theatre.

A selfie of me, Michael Kras

Fides is away this week, so Section B is learning how to work with a pianist as singers! 

Section B does voice-over. 

Headshots for the third years at Zuke Studio.

Reading our work in Maja Ardal's Playwriting class.

The graduating Theatre Performance and Theatre Production students are in the studios every Saturday for 8 hours to create and rehearse The Poetry Project.