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A Day in the Life Of... Jessica Bowmer

Hi! My name is Jessica Bowmer and I am in my third and final year of Humber Theatre's Performance program.

In Humber's Theatre Performance program, I've not only learned necessary technical skills for me to grow as an actor, but also skills on how to be a collaborative and indepedent emerging artist.

The performance program has opened my eyes to many theatrical possiblities.

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Jessica Bowmer

A selfie of me, Jessica Bowmer

Students in class

Diana Bleshaw teaches us Professional Orientation, to prepare us for the professional industry!

Students rehearsing

Introducing the Alchemy Project! A collaboration betweeen the Performance and Production programs.

Student in class

The third years really enjoy and have fun in their Bouffon class with Dean Gilmour!

Students rehearsing

We're rehearsing hard to do a sharing of the Alchemy Project at the end of the Semester!

Students in class

We're very busy finding ways to deform our bodies in Bouffon class.