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A Day in the Life Of... Anthony Accardi

My name is Anthony C. Accardi and I’m a third year student in Humber’s Theatre Performance program.

Humber is a unique training conservatory that provides a large variety of disciplines to train in, taught by some of the best coaches and teachers that have worked (and still are working) in the industry.

Humber emphasizes that what we are training for is to discover and develop our individual voices and visions as artists, so that we may contribute to creating innovative and invigorating Theatre. Humber also teaches us the importance of collaborative creation and the powerful impact it has in the community.

What I like about Humber is that we are encouraged to explore and discover beyond what inspires and interests us as artists in order to grow and sharpen our vision and voices.

What I’ve learned while training at Humber is to not be afraid to take risks in everything I do. To take charge and allow myself to get messy in my creation process, because some of the best work made is when there are many obstacles and failures overcome in order to find the greatness in the work.

I am an actor, singer, writer and musician. Thanks to the training at Humber; when I leave, I will be ready to create work that will resonate among many and, hopefully, throughout the years.

See more pictures on our Instagram page /humber_theatre.

A selfie to start the week

Monday mornings we have our movement class with Pam. Here are some of the Third Years rehearsing their "Action Stories" before they present.

Lunch time talk with Diego Matamoros from Soulpepper Theatre!

Monday afternoons we work on the Poetry Project! To warm up for rehearsal we played a round of Spy-catcher!

Tuesday mornings: Singing with Fides! Here are the Third Years singing as a group with Fides.

On Camera class with Janet-Laine Green!

Tuesday afternoons we train with Mike Kirby on Voice Over techniques! Here's a look of inside and outside of the studio.

Wednesday is our Gen Ed day so we meet in the afternoon with Diana Belshaw for Professional Orientation! Today: Third Years present their Theatre Ontario pieces for feedback.

Today is girls day with Pam for movement! So here are some of the Third Year boys working on assignments for other studio classes!

The Third Years are off to Theatre Passe Muraille to talk about "The Backspace Project" taking place Spring 2015.

Friday mornings we have our Dialects class with Christine. Here's Section A working hard on their assignments.

Saturdays are Poetry Project rehearsal days. Here is one of the groups rehearsing their piece based off of P.K Page's "This Heavy Craft"