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Paul Quarrington Memorial Ice Rink

Paul Quarrington was a very fine Canadian Writer who taught for the Humber School for Writers for a couple of decades before succumbing to lung cancer four years ago. He was a musician, fisherman, boater, teacher, screen and TV writer and all-around talent who is sorely missed by all of us who knew him.

In the photo above, we see Paul's widow, Dorothy, Dave Bidini, a city representative, and Paul's two daughters, Flannery and Carson.

Happily, the city of Toronto has named a hockey rink after him, and that makes perfect sense because he wrote about the game.

There were plenty of writers at the rink dedication event, including Don GilmorShaughnessy Bishop-Stall andDave Bidini, who was instrumental in getting it all off the ground.

Among the fishing, poker and other memories, the one that sticks most in my mind is our singing songs in the back of a van as we drove around Tuscany in the rain, bottle of grappa in hand (someone else was driving). Never shy about the comments, Paul told me I had Tennessee Ernie Ford kind of voice, but not in a good way.

We no longer have the poker player (and his outstanding chicken wings) but his books are all around us and so is his music. And so, for that matter, are some of the writers whom he mentored.