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Leggings and Alumni- International Festival of Authors Party Rocks On

Last Monday night, another in a series of literary parties around the International Festival of Authors took place with a participants’ bash at the Enwave Theatre in Toronto.

The three-storey room with red brick walls was jam-packed with literary types. I talked to about eighty people in all that evening, about seventy percent of whom told me how uncomfortable they felt in parties like that. Writers tend to be introverts, but when you put that many in a room, they cannot help but talk to one another.

Peter Robinson, I found out, has one doctoral degree of his own and two honorary ones, so we will refer to him as Doctor Doctor Doctor Robinson.

Female dress at these parties continues to be interesting. I am adding a snapshot of the leggings worn by the person standing in front of me in line. And what a line it was! There must have been a couple hundred of us having our names checked on the way in.

Of the many conversations I passed through, one caught my eye. I took a photo to show four Humber Writing School Alumni talking to one another. They were Ania SzadoCathy BuchananEva Stachniak, and Dr. Vincent Lam. (Only a single “Doctor”) for his name. The place was hot and the flash was brutal, which explains the shiny faces.

At the GG reading that night, we learned that Scott McIntyre of Douglas and McIntyre had won a new publishing award., called the Ivy. Today we learn the house has gone into bankruptcy protection.

Sadly, the writing and publishing world is like an ocean upon which many ships sail – some go on to glory, but some inevitably sink.