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Humber Named in David Mitchell's New Book

Celebrated UK author David Mitchell was in town to promote his new novel, The Bone Clocks.

At a dinner at Grano on Yonge Street, he threw his arms around his old friends from the Humber School for Writers, where he taught several years ago. This brilliant author made a big impression when he was at Humber, not only for his talent, but for his kindness to students and his intelligence on the craft of writing.

He whispered into Antanas Sileika’s ear, “I have written Humber into this novel.”

Naturally, Antanas, the head of the School for Writers, was eager to find out how the name appears in the book; it turns out it's the name of the college where one of the protagonists, the sociopath Hugo Lamb, is studying, along with a crowd of posh young men. 

Antanas hastens to point out that Humber College in Toronto is neither posh nor sociopathic, but he is amused and delighted that the name appears in fiction. 

David Mitchell