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Isaiah Gibbons

Isaiah Gibbons

Humber Music students polish a wide range of highly specialized skills, but as 2018 alumnus Isaiah Gibbons has discovered, basics such as treating others with kindness and respect are just as important in the workplace.

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Kelsey Grant

Kelsley Grant

Talent is often the result of experience and hard work. I have consistently witnessed talent and natural gifts surpassed by dedication, focus, and work ethic. Your desire for excellence and success have to be reflected in how you expend your time and energy.

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Otis Williams Drumming

Otis Williams

With all the wonderful ensemble, improvisation, and music business courses Humber Music has to offer, theory might not seem like the most exciting subject. But as 2011 Humber Music graduate Otis Williams can attest, theory can open a lot of doors.

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Agneya Chikte

MusiCounts gives Humber student an inside look at the music industry

Fourth-year Bachelor of Music student Agneya Chikte put his own business skills to the test in September during a whirlwind week of networking and mentoring sponsored by MusiCounts.

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Francois Klark Musician

Francois Klark

At Humber College, your career as a professional artist starts on day one. As you refine your craft, you’ll make industry contacts and build relationships with future collaborators. Just ask 2008 Humber Music graduate Francois Klark, who found a community of likeminded musicians at the College.

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Nathan Whitney and Thomas Rhett playing music

Nathan Whitney

Nathan Whitney loved his time studying music at Humber so much that he graduated twice—once, in 2003, from the now-retired music diploma program, and again in 2012 from Humber’s Bachelor of Music program.

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Emily Rockarts and Band

An Interview with Music Grad Emily Rockarts

Emily Rockarts, a Toronto musician and Bachelor of Music grad, wasted no time starting her singer/songwriter career after graduation.

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Joe Bowden

Joe Bowden: Master of Reinvention

Humber’s own Joe Bowden—program assistant to Acting for Film and Television, Theatre Arts – Performance and Theatre Arts – Production programs—is a master of reinvention.

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Larnell Lewis

An Interview With Rising Star Larnell Lewis

Larnell Lewis, a Humber Music alumnus, instructor and world-renowned musician, talked to us about his amazing year.

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