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Guest Speakers

Humber's Acting for Film & Television program has a regular lineup of incredible guest speakers, including actors, directors, and casting directors. Below are a just a few of our recent guest speakers.

J. C. MacKenzieJ.C. MacKenzie

J.C. MacKenzie is a Canadian actor. He plays Skip Fontaine in the hit HBO series Vinyl and is known for his role as Arnold Spivak in ABC's Murder One, Reagan "Normal" Ronald in Fox's Dark Angel, and Ludlow in the film The Aviator.

See all his credits on his IMDB page.

Clarke JohnsonClarke Johnson

Clarke Johnson is an American actor and director who has worked in both television and film. He is best known for Homicide: Life on the Street (1993), S.W.A.T. (2003) and The Sentinel (2006). 

See all his credits on his IMDB pagePhoto credit: Petr Novák, Wikipedia

Gordon PinsentGordon Pinsent 

Gordon Pinsent is a Canadian actor, screenwriter, director and playwright. He is known for his roles in Away from Her, The Rowdyman, John and the Missus, A Gift to Last, Due South, The Red Green Show and Quentin Durgens, M.P.

See all his credits on his IMDB pagePhoto credit: christopherharte, Wikimedia

Larissa MairLarissa Mair

Larissa Mair has been involved in the arts for over 20 years. Larissa began as a casting assistant and associate, working her way up through the business until 2010, when she opened her own casting company; Larissa Mair Casting & Associates.

See all her credits on her IMDB page.

Don McBreartyDon McBrearty

Don McBrearty is a Canadian film director. In 2003 he directed the made-for-television drama Sex and the Single Mom. He is known for his work on The Arrow (1997), The Interrogation of Michael Crowe (2002), Terry (2005), and Chasing Freedom (2004).

See all his credits on his IMDB page.

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