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Multi-instrumentalist, composer, vocalist, producer and film-maker, Waleed Abdulhamid, has been an active member of the Toronto music scene, since his arrival in Canada in 1992.

Waleed was born in Sudan, he began performing at the age of 6. He toured across his country, as well as Egypt, Syria, Kuwait and Emirate. Waleed was known for bringing traditional rhythms into popular music in Sudan. When he left Sudan at age 18, he performed, recorded and toured extensively, appearing at major music festivals in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Oslo, as well as in Finland and Iceland. He demonstrates his versatility on guitar, bass, drums, flute, harmonica, kirin, bass kirin, darabhuka, marimba, balimbo, congas, bongos, djembe, dumbek and tama. He is known for his striking vocals, his innovative bass technique and his speed and precision on percussion.

Waleed is one of the 12 resident artists at the Young Center for Performing Arts. He is often selected to sit on grant- reviewing juries for several Canadian Art Councils. He has been invited to perform in festivals and conduct workshops (merging music and movement) in Spain, France and Portugal. Waleed has played and recorded with David Clayton Thoma, the Motown Legend Band “The Drifters”, Doug Riley, Jackie Richardson, Julie Black, Karyn White, Deborah Cox and Zaki Ibrahim. Waleed is the film director of the awards winning documentary Let’s Find Away. Waleed has musically directed a series of shows at the Caliban Arts Th eatre (Freedom Live), Inner Stage, and various dance companies. He also composed and produced music for several TV shows as well some main stream Hollywood movies.