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Program(s): Jazz Performance - Percussion

Lorne Nehring

Juno Award and Jazz Report Award winning drummer, Lorne Nehring is originally from Montreal where he began playing piano, saxophone and drums. Lorne studied percussion and began his jazz studies at McGill University. He has studied with noted Toronto drum teacher and author, Jim Blackley as well as with American jazz great Keith Copeland in New York City.

Lorne is a much-in-demand musician in all aspects of “live” performance as well as in the recording studio. “Nehring/Koller&Braid” constitutes Lorne’s primary playing and recording focus at this time. This trio has produced two CDs, the second released on Montreal’s Effendi Records. Lorne has worked extensively in the theater, having performed in the orchestras of “Little Shop of Horrors”, “Piaf”, “Dreamland”, “Cookin’ at the Cookery” and others.

He is an accredited teacher who for the past fourteen years has been the director of, and taught at the much-respected Drum School at Long & McQuade in Toronto which he started. 

Lorne has played and recorded with Canada’s finest musicians and groups including: Bob DeAngelis, John MacLeod, George Koller, David Braid, Aaron Davis, Neal Swainson, Richard Underhill, Nancy Walker, Cocada, Rob McConnell, Bernie Senensky, Dave Young, Manteca, Alex Dean, Guido Basso, Freeflight, John Roby, Scott Alexander, Gord Sheard, John Sheard, Alannah Myles, Jim Lewis, Phil Dwyer, Kirk MacDonald, Victor Bateman, Susannah McCorkle, Reg Schwager, Bob Brough, Duncan Hopkins, Carol McCartney, Roberto Occhipinti, Michael Stuart, Pat Coleman, Ed Bickert, Moe Koffman, Peter Appleyard, Jonathan Goldsmith, Joey Goldstein, Holly Cole, Warren Chiasson, Doug Riley, The Tait Brothers, The Jazz Mechanics, The Rick Tait Big Band, Molly Johnson, Jackie Richardson, Tabby Johnson, Jack Grunsky, Henry Heillig, Russ Little, Carlos Lopes and many others.

Lorne plays Headhunter sticks.

Lorne Nehring