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It is Eveli’s 15th year here at Humber College! Her enthusiasm and passion for music, as well as her long experience make Eveli a great part of our community.

Eveli has been sharing her love and expertise for music and movement with students in elementary and various private music and dance schools first in her native Estonia, and here in Canada.  She graduated as a Primary School Music Teacher and performed professionally in different music productions as a singer and dancer.  When she came in Toronto, she pursued her career and furthered her music education by successfully completing her Kodaly Pedagogy Certification and Orff Specialist Certification.

Eveli believes in freeing the spirit and imagination of children and letting them fly.  She nourishes creativity and expression through singing, drama, movement, and simple percussion activities.

“Music and movement have always been my life, and it is through them that I have expressed myself and shared who I am.  I believe that it is our differences that make us all unique and special.  I hope there is more music in our life; if we could just make some more space for it we all will be much happier.  So, let’s start with our children.”