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Program Contacts






John Bourgeois      Program Director AFTV 79034 
Anne Frost Program Director Arts Admin 3446
Andrew Clark Program Director Comedy 79031
Linda Ellis Program Assistant  Comedy 79035
Heather Kent Program Director Theatre Production 79048
Tatiana Jennings Program Director Theatre Performance 79045
Joe Bowden Program Assistant AFTV, Theatre Performance, Theatre Production 79052
Denny Christianson Program Director Music 79052
Sanja Antic Program Assistant Music 3427
Marsha Duggan Placement Advisor Music 3578
Catherine (Cathy) Mitro Program Director Jazz - Intro to Music, Community Music 3847
Mason Victoria

Program Assistant

Community Music 3361
David Bezmozgis Program Director - Starting Fall 2017 Creative Writing 3448
Hilary Higgins Program and Administrative Support Creative Writing 3449
Alison Maclean Program Director Publishing 4566