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Theatre Arts - Performance

Credential: Advanced Diploma Program Code: 04881 Length: 6 semesters

Programs Starting Between:

To be eligible for admission, you must possess the following:

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent including these required courses: 
    • Grade 12 English (ENG4C or ENG4U or equivalent) 
    • Three Grade 11 or Grade 12 C, M or U courses in addition to those listed above



All applicants whose first language is not English must meet Humber’s English Language Proficiency Policy.

Mature Applicants

An applicant is considered a mature applicant if they have not completed secondary school or other postsecondary school, and will be 19 or older (21 or older for degree programs) as of the first day of classes. Humber will invite you for testing to demonstrate that you meet program eligibility. Mature applicants for degree programs will be required to meet course requirements at the U level or equivalent.

College Transfer Applicants

An applicant is considered a college transfer applicant if they have completed some or all of a college-level credential. Humber will use your college courses and grades to determine program eligibility. You may also be eligible for transfer credit if you are admitted to a Humber program.

University Transfer Applicants

An applicant is considered a university transfer applicant if they have completed some or all of a university-level credential. Humber will use your university courses and grades to determine program eligibility. You may also be eligible for transfer credit if you are admitted to a Humber program.

Selection Includes Additional Requirements:

Admission is based on the academic criteria indicated and the result of the evaluation of additional requirements which may include a portfolio, audition, letter of intent, references, etc. These vary by program. Meeting minimum eligibility requirements does not guarantee an offer of admission.


Date Location Availability International Student Availability
September 2018LakeshoreOpenOpen

The 2017-2018 fee for 2 semesters was:

  • domestic: $5,576.78
  • international: $15,881.00

Fees are subject to change.

Additional Costs

$50 – theatre tickets (per semester).

Fees by Semester 


Humber offers a variety of scholarships each year.

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Transferring from Another College or University

Details on transferring credits or credentials from another college or university or how to apply for credit based on prior work or life experience.

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Humber Ontario Graduate Certificates

Humber offers a number of Ontario graduate certificates to help take your education further.

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Ontario Transfer Options

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Program Contact(s)

Tatiana Jennings, program co-ordinator
416.675.6622 ext. 79045



International Students

Phone 1-416-675-5067

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Apply to Humber

Applications to Humber are made through Be sure to submit your application by the equal consideration deadline of February 1. You may apply after February 1, however, post-February 1 applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis depending on the availability of the space in the program. To check program availability refer to the Campus/Availability listing on Humber's program pages or

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International Students

If you’re an international student, you can apply directly to Humber via our International Centre.

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In order to continue with your application for Theatre Performance, you must complete this step in the application process. Applicant selection is based on academic criteria and the results of these additional requirements. This contains all the information you need to prepare and submit additional requirements for consideration. If you have any questions, please contact Admissions.

Additional Requirements

Applicants are required to attend an audition in which they will perform monologues, participate in a creative workshop and complete a voice and movement assessment. Applicants must submit a $50 assessment fee upon registration for this admissions event. This assessment will take place from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Please see “Registration Instructions” below to book your audition.

i. Monologues
Applicants will prepare two memorized monologues. One of these must be chosen from contemporary or classical theatre; the second can either be from contemporary or classical theatre OR a monologue you’ve written yourself. Neither can be any longer than 1.5 – 2 minutes in length. The character you play should be similar to your own age and your monologue should express something you are passionate about.

ii. Creative Workshop
Applicants will participate in a creative workshop to assess imaginative skills and the ability to work creatively with others. Please wear clothing that allows you to move safely and easily.

iii. Voice and Movement Assessment
Applicants will participate in a voice and movement class to assess vocal and physical flexibility, range and creativity.

iv. Orientation Session
Applicants will meet with Theatre faculty in order to discuss their interest in and knowledge of theatre, their interests as artists, as well as to gain a deeper understanding of the Humber program. Please note this discussion will not be used in the admissions assessment.

Monologue / 30
Creative Workshop / 40
Voice and Movement Assessment / 30

Registration Instructions

Applicants must register to attend this admissions event. Log-in to MyHumber to register:

  1. Log-in to MyHumber
  2. Select the Applicant tab
  3. Select the Applied Programs tab
  4. Select your Year and Applicant Number from the drop-down menu, then click Submit
  5. Click on “Do I Have Any Missing Requirements”
  6. Click on “Go to Events” (located under the “Link” section, near the bottom right of the page)
  7. Choose from a list of available assessment dates and follow the prompts

Applicants must meet both academic and additional requirements in order to meet minimum program eligibility. Meeting minimum eligibility does not guarantee an offer of admission.

All additional requirements will be evaluated and a score will be calculated by the academic school.

Admission decisions will be available via MyHumber, or by email and mail. Admission decisions will not be released by phone.

Fees by Semester

Semester 1Domestic FeeInternational Fee*
Mandatory Non-Tuition$450.45$450.45


Semester 2Domestic FeeInternational Fee*
Mandatory Non-Tuition$450.45$450.45


Semester 3Domestic FeeInternational Fee*
Mandatory Non-Tuition$450.45$450.45


Semester 4Domestic FeeInternational Fee*
Mandatory Non-Tuition$450.45$450.45


Semester 5Domestic FeeInternational Fee*
Mandatory Non-Tuition$450.45$450.45


Semester 6Domestic FeeInternational Fee*
Mandatory Non-Tuition$450.45$450.45

*Plus Mandatory Health Insurance fee once per academic year: Fall start - $420 Winter start - $280 Summer start - $140

Our Program

Humber’s Theatre Arts - Performance program is known for rigorous training in physical and devised theatre that enables you to find success wherever your career path takes you. We are nationally known for our innovative curriculum based in the creation of original work.

We believe in:

  • developing creative artists with a strong foundation in essential skills
  • ensuring our graduates have the business skills to make their livings as artists/performers
  • providing a well-rounded education as well as comprehensive training
  • developing collaborative work that is original, thoughtful and challenging
  • exploring intercultural and multidisciplinary theatre that speaks in the present to a vision of the future.


Courses Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the program, a graduate will:

  • Perform dramatic roles in a variety of styles, such as in children's plays, plays geared for school audiences, experimental plays presented by alternate theatres, in standard repertoire of current and classical plays presented by regional theatres and festivals, as well as in musicals, revues and cabaret productions.

  • Perform non-classical, vocal material – solo and choral - and execute basic dance steps and choreography as required by musical productions and classical plays.

  • Apply different techniques required to perform on proscenium, thrust or arena stages, as well as open air theatres.

  • Adapt performing style to the electronic media; working for the camera (film, television and video production) as well as the microphone as in various aspects in radio broadcasting.

  • Provide services as drama resource person for community theatre, recreational programs, children's programs and private teaching.

  • Accept employment as a professional actor and provide services to professional standards.



The Humber Advantage

Humber Productions

Each year, Humber Theatre presents a number of original productions which demand the full creative engagement of performance and production students under the guidance of internationally recognized artists.

Clowns Poetry Delete After Death

Hands-On Experience

Students in Humber's Theatre Arts - Performance program are on stage throughout their time at school, building hours and hours of in-class experience.

Bahareh Matthew Gouveia Alessandra

Our Faculty

All of our faculty has substantial industry experience, and part-time instructors have full-time professional careers.

 Sharon B Moore 

Your Career

We have developed a distinct identity and strong community in the professional world. Our graduates are ground-breakers and explorers. They have careers as performers, directors, producers and writers, as well as film actors, music theatre actors, puppeteers and voice actors, and they are all part of the Humber network of artists. They are creators above all, transforming Canadian theatre with original voices that spring from a diversity of cultures and perspectives.

Professional Accreditations & Recognition

Acting for Film and Television is recognized by the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA). Graduates of this program qualify to apply for ACTRA Apprentice membership within sixty (60) days of their graduation.

Additional requirements and/or costs may apply.

Note: The requirements for the additional credential(s) are determined by the granting body, which is independent from the College. Students are encouraged to obtain the specific requirements directly from the granting body before enrolling.

Advisory Committee

The Theatre Arts - Performance program Advisory Committee ensures that the program is as up-to-date as possible to ensure that students are receiving the most current education to help them succeed in the performing arts.

Advisory Committee

Derek Aasland Artistic Producer, Cinetic Creations; Director; Composer; Actor
Franco Boni Artistic Director, Theatre Centre
Derrik Chua Producer; Entertainment Lawyer
Teodoro Dragonieri Multi-disciplinary artist; Educator; Artistic Director, Zanni Arte
Andrew Lamb Artistic Director, Roseneath Theatre
Jani Lauzon Actor; Director; Musician; Managing Artistic Director, Paper Canoe Projects
Andy McKim Artistic Director, Theatre Passe Muraille
Beatriz Pizano Artistic Director, Aluna Theatre
Joseph Recinos Actor; Writer; Producer; Humber Theatre Performance Alumnus


Director's Message

What do you need to say?
What is your passion?
What is your vision for the theatre of tomorrow?

We live in a time of unprecedented socio-economic, political and cultural change. As the theatre shifts to reflect this change, these questions have become vitally important.

Read More

The Theatre Performance Program at Humber is dedicated to helping you find the answers to these questions and many more.  We offer you the tools you need to express the answers fully as a professional actor and actor-creator: an artist who has the expertise, confidence and creative vision to respond to our times.

Follow the links on the right to find out more about what we do. As you read, notice four things that make our training unique:

  • that it reflects the cultural diversity of the great city that we live and work in
  • that it is rooted in a unique physically-based approach to the development of theatre artists
  • that rigorous training in devised and original theatre through all three years of the program ensures your individual creative voice is developed and heard
  • that equally rigorous training in classical and contemporary approaches to text give you the grounding and breadth of training you need to work in all areas of performance

Working with nationally and internationally renowned actors and actor-creators, you will develop the skills you need to create your own unique career. Our graduates move resourcefully among all the different worlds of the professional actor: working with professional theatre companies, taking roles in film and television, doing voice-over work, working in dance/theatre, and creating/producing their own work. They are diverse artists working in a diverse world ... and they are making their mark. So can you.

Welcome to the Theatre Performance Program at Humber – comprehensive theatre performance training for the 21st century that is built around your voice, your passion, and your vision for the future.

Tatiana Jennings
Theatre Performance program School for the Creative and Performing Arts Humber College
416-675-6622 extension 79046

The Humber Experience

Take a peek into the daily life of a few of our students.

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