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Director's Message


What do you need to say?
What is your passion?
hat is your vision for the theatre of tomorrow?

We live in a time of unprecedented socio-economic, political and cultural change. As the theatre shifts to reflect this change, these questions have become vitally important. 

The Theatre Performance Program at Humber is dedicated to helping you find the answers to these questions and many more.  We offer you the tools you need to express the answers fully as a professional actor and actor-creator: an artist who has the expertise, confidence and creative vision to respond to our times.

Follow the links on the right to find out more about what we do. As you read, notice four things that make our training unique:

  • that it reflects the cultural diversity of the great city that we live and work in
  • that it is rooted in a unique physically-based approach to the development of theatre artists
  • that rigorous training in devised and original theatre through all three years of the program ensures your individual creative voice is developed and heard
  • that equally rigorous training in classical and contemporary approaches to text give you the grounding and breadth of training you need to work in all areas of performance

Working with nationally and internationally renowned actors and actor-creators, you will develop the skills you need to create your own unique career. Our graduates move resourcefully among all the different worlds of the professional actor: working with professional theatre companies, taking roles in film and television, doing voice-over work, working in dance/theatre, and creating/producing their own work. They are diverse artists working in a diverse world ... and they are making their mark. So can you.

Welcome to the Theatre Performance Program at Humber – comprehensive theatre performance training for the 21st century that is built around your voice, your passion, and your vision for the future.

Paul de Jong
Theatre Performance program School for the Creative and Performing Arts Humber College
416-675-6622 extension 79046